Promoting our western heritage
   through entertainment and cultural events



The purpose of this Corporation is to develop, provide a suitable facility for, and perform a play to educate the public about the contributions of Oliver Loving, Charles Goodnight, and other pioneers of the North Texas area to the development of the "West". Nothing in these By-Laws shall be interpreted to prevent the Corporation from using its facilities for other programs or activities complementing or in support of its purpose and the Corporation shall provide a program of historical education and artistic expression. Funding, artistic expression and information shall involve, but not be limited to, citizens of Palo Pinto, Parker, Jack, Young, Stephens, Erath, Tarrant, and Hood Counties, to the greatest extent possible. The Corporation will work to insure that every citizen in this area is afforded the opportunity to participate in the programs.

Texas Frontier Trails Mission Statement

To promote our western heritage and increase cultural tourism in North Texas through entertainment and educational events.