Promoting our western heritage
   through entertainment and cultural events



It all started in the mind of Don Price, a long-time Mineral Wells resident. On August 22, 1991, he awakened with an idea, a concept for an organization that became Texas Frontier Trails and a project that became the first major play to be written for the TFT amphitheater.

Everyone in town was excited about the idea, but it was 1993 before the initial founders had a feasibility study prepared that confirmed the potential viability of an amphitheater whose purpose was to present creative works about historic Palo Pinto County. By 1995, Bylaws were written, high-quality newsletters were being mailed to TFT members on a regular basis and an initial site was selected. Several board members attended the outdoor drama, "Utah" and toured their facilities to better understand the task ahead of them. Fundraising began and the current site secured.

TFT's board members and other founders have continued to move forward in the realization of Don's dream, just as the early pioneers would not quit on theirs. There is a story developing of the trials and challenges that we will overcome, just as these pioneers faced, but would not relent in their drive to pursue their dream.

We must not let the story of these brave pioneers fade into history and relinquish our heritage of the pioneer spirit that built this land and people. We believe that we are developing venues that will not only allow people to hear the stories of these pioneers, but also receive an impartation of the dream, drive and determination that our forefathers possessed.